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Catalog Table of Contents

Part One - Academics

Reimagining Seminary - A Seminary for the Third Millennium
   Our Mission
   Our Vision
   Our Goals
Our Philosophy of Theological Education and Unique Approach
The Role of Faculty in Thirdmill Seminary
Our Faculty
The Role of Assessments in a Seminary for the Third Millennium
Academic Integrity
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Grading Policy
Programs of Study
       Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies
   Master of Arts in Christian Studies
Course Descriptions
   Christian Theology
   Old Testament
   New Testament
   Pastoral Theology
Learning Outcomes
Graduation Requirements

Part Two - Operational Policies

Our Administrative Staff and Hours of Operation
Our Board of Directors
Legal Authorization and Accreditation
Student Fees
Admissions Policy

Language Proficiency

Academic Calendar 2020-21
Acceptance of Transfer Credit Disclosure Statement
Cancellation Policy
Code of Conduct
Complaint and Grievance Policy
Confidentiality and Privacy

Financial Assistance and Payments Policy
Job Placement and Career Counseling
Leave of Absence and Program Time Limits
Student Orientation and Services
Technology Requirements
Transcript Requests
Transfer Credit, Course Upgrade Credit, and Prior Learning Assessment



Thirdmill Seminary provides affordable access to a multilingual, globally resourced theological education, so Christian leaders can study Scripture deeply and communicate its teachings clearly where they serve Christ and His Church.